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Accounting is on-going process which starts at the birth of any organization and continues to provide vital statistics of the business that they are into.

In order to grow, improve and adapt, it is indispensible to follow proper accounting procedures and pursue prevalent accounting policies.This keeps the organization hand in hand with the requirements of global representation and the needs of the organization to allow a transparent and hassle free trade.

How can we help?

For us, our customers come first and we thrive to be with their expectations at every stepas they invest their interests and resources with us.

Keeping in mind the stability, diversity and growth of any organization and also tofind a solution in any difficult financial situations, we also provide them our Expert advice.

We strive to facilitate the financial services par excellence to a variety of businesses, both for profit and non-profit and industries of diversified sectors.

Customized according to the needs of the individual business, keeping in mind the statutory and legal requirements, we offer our services in the area of :

Accounting outsourcing is mostly used in local businesses for the accounting department by managing everyday transaction, handling accounts, generating financial reports. Account Outsourcing is capable of performing all the accounting operations professionally at reliable costs. The process of accounting outsourcing keeps the companies/business financially organized. This keeps a track of the statistics of one’s business/company. All the work regarding finance such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, real-time transaction processing, financial reports are managed by the accounts department.

We offer accounting outsourcing services to our customers to help them achieve their business goals. To hire a specific individual to maintain the accounts can be expensive. To train and experience the employee can be time consuming. Thus, we provide you accounting software to manage and maintain your account outsourcing to ease your work.

  • Taxation
  • Secretarial compliances
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Accounting outsourcing
  • Book-keeping & recording of transactions
  • Management accounting and system development
  • Stores accounting receivable Transition
  • Set up of centralized accounting process
  • Inventory accounting and reconciliation
  • Capitalization and fixed asset management
  • Payroll processing
  • Salary processing as per statutory compliances
  • Maintenance of salary registers & records
  • Salary MIS, Report Analysis.

Following the needs of global trend, we have our services associated with the popular cloud accounting software packages like QuickBooks, Peachtree etc.

We make every effort to be as accurate as possible so as to give a true and correct view of the accounting statements.

Our accounting services integrate the expert knowledge in the prescribed field of the business and also to face the challenges arising in the situations of mergers, acquisition and diversification.

We work to offer our customers with the satisfaction of their association with us.

We offer account outsourcing services as:

  • Taxation
  • Accounting and finance
  • Payroll processing
  • Maintenance of salary registers & records
  • Report analysis