Yellow and White Pages Data Entry

We have been providing professional yellow and white pages data entry for the past eight years. USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND have been extensively covered. Ace Data Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. captures classification heading, UDAC coding, Indent, Company name, Address, Phone Number, Fax, Toll free number, email, URL etc. All data is double entered + compared + audited thus giving our clients an accuracy of 99%+.

In this digital world, the significance of yellow and white pages is present, especially for local businesses. The yellow pages data entry and white pages data entry provides a platform for this people who are involved in local businesses. The most important and unique feature is that it is one of the most dependable sources of information. Regardless small or huge business/company, it is important to attain data accuracy for any actions that are to be taken in the company. We offer immense yellow page data entry services to our customers. The categorized information about the companies or an individual such as data entry yellow white pages UDAC Coding , Name , Address, Phone no., Product listings etc can be known by this directories.

Yellow Pages Data Entry is basically kind of telephone directory for business organization that gives you information about each business. Look out for the yellow pages data entry to know about any business, as internet has made the sear easy and efficient. Generally, yellow pages are internet phone book for business information consisting of Name, Address, Phone no. and more.

For residential use, the white pages data entry is used. The information of the residential people, their telephone number, address, Zip Code and locality are found in the white pages data entry. It is a visual directory for people having information listed alphabetically.

We provide excellent yellow directory entry services to our customers for simplifying their queries and helping them obtain information they require.

Back Office outsourcing services from Ace Systems :

  • Data Capture
  • Online data capture
  • Data conversion
  • Form Processing
  • Hand written data processing
  • Telephone Directory Data Entry Services
  • Directory Data Entry Services
  • PDF conversion
  • Indexing & Archiving
  • Microfiche conversion
  • Scanning & OCR
  • Tagging and Coding

Ace Systems is used in various forms for banking, market research, insurance, finance, healthcare etc. Our processes help businesses across the spectrum to convert huge volumes of hard copy and image-based forms into digital formats.

Form Processing is a process were physical documents, pre-printed or by hand filled forms are transformed into computer-readable format. Thus forms processing can help to store data accurately and reduces the time to retrieve it. It helps in accessing information online which is secure, accurate and reliable.

  • Information Request Forms
  • Market research forms
  • Medical Claim forms
  • Form Processing
  • Enrollment forms
  • Health Claim forms
  • Rental forms
  • Credit Card application forms
  • Questionnaires
  • Survey forms
  • Medical Product Order Forms
  • Loan Application Forms
  • Lab Testing Forms
  • Mortgage Claim forms
  • Patient Registration forms
  • Insurance Claim forms
  • Registrations Forms
  • Resume Forms
  • License Forms
  • Subscriptions forms

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